Trust Bridge Financing

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Bridge Financing For Trusts

There are just a handful of California lenders that provide bridge financing to trusts. Even more importantly, that specialize in that type of bridge financing. Often times our clients utilize our private money bridge loan financing to allow for an even distribution to be made from a trust or estate. This can be crucial when a client is trying to receive a Proposition 58 granted exclusion from property tax reassessment to preserve a parents low property tax base on inherited property. If you are in need of a bridge loan for a trust or estate, please call Commercial Loan Corporation at 877-464-1066.

Thanks to California Proposition 13, property taxes in California do not increase by more than 2% annually. Since property values in California historically increase at a far higher rate, retaining a parents low property tax base can be valuable. On average, Commercial Loan Corporation saves clients $6,200 a year in property taxes.

So if you are inheriting property from a parent and are interested in preserving their low Proposition 13 property tax base, call Commercial Loan Corporation at 877-464-1066 to determine how much you might be able to save by utilizing one of our bridge loans for trusts and estates.

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